Nichole Bailey

Co-founder of Elements Yoga & Wellness

Nichole Bailey Yoga Instructor St Johns NewfoundlandNichole combines her skills to create a practice based on balancing yang and yin, active and passive – complimenting each other to create mobility and stability, strength and flexibility; energizing while relaxing the body and mind. Life is all about balance; there is a yang aspect and a yin aspect to life. Finding a balance between the two is Nichole’s approach to yoga – challenging yourself while allowing awareness to guide you, not pushing yourself too hard or giving up too easily – finding your edge and pausing to observe, enjoy and appreciate.

Nichole has been a yoga practitioner and meditator since 2009, receiving a 200 hr certification as a Yoga instructor through Sunshine Yoga Academy in 2011. She has an additional 50 hr yoga certification specializing in yin yoga through Semperviva, with internationally recognized instructor and author Bernie Clark, and 65 hr yoga certification specializing in Myofascial Release yin yoga with internationally recognized instructor and senior assistant to Yin Yoga Founder Paul Grilley, Jo Phee.

Nichole has completed Level I Aerial Yoga through Aircat Aerial Arts and has received a PFIC Certification in both Aerial Hoop/Lyra and Pole Fitness. She has also completed Module 1 of Prenatal Yoga Training through Mamata Yoga, and is currently working towards the second module. Nichole has a 40 hr mudra training program certificate and practices energy healing, having received Reiki Levels I, II, III and Reiki Master Certification which she incorporates in the practice.

Nichole wishes to share and impart the wisdom on the importance of proper body alignment, breath and its therapeutic value, meditation in action, creating positive change while learning much about the mind.

Rachel Blundon

Co-founder of Elements Yoga & Wellness

Initially turning to yoga after an injury for its therapeutic applications, Rachel fell in love, and has been an avid yoga practitioner since 2011. She completed her 200hr teacher training through Wanderlust, under the guidance of Anusara teacher Ashleigh Sergeant and Prana VinyasaTM teacher Michelle Bouvier.

The pair’s collaborative teachings have given Rachel an appreciation for an alignment based practice, while considering functional movement needed for daily life.

Rachel uses principals of alignment as a basic framework, while guiding each individual to tune into sensations within their own body. Rachel’s approach to yoga acknowledges that every body is unique, and what is accessible to one individual may hinder another. She encourages students to move through the practice in manner that serves their individual body, not the body next to them.





Kate Connors

Yoga Instructor Elements Yoga & Wellness

A Certified Yoga Teacher, Kate has completed her 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training with Shakti Yoga Studio (St. Johns’) and Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Satori Yoga (Fredericton). She is also certified as a YogaFit Instructor with YogaFit Canada. Kate has 17 years’ experience as a Fitness Instructor Specialist (FIS) (CanFit Pro certified). Her journey into yoga began in 2008 and she expresses great passion for balance of the mind, body and breath. Kate teaches Core Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Yoga for Kids and a variety of other fitness classes.





Meghan Francis

Yoga Instructor Elements Yoga & Wellness

Yoga has been a part of Meghan’s life for almost 5 years. She started while finishing her Sociology degree and fell in love with the mind, body, spirit connection. Her practice has helped her grow stronger, more flexible and fearless, both on the mat and off the mat. Yoga inspires Meghan to live each moment more mindfully, and with more love.

Meghan completed her 200 hour training with Anamaya in Costa Rica, and she will continue to be a student of the practice, learning as much as she can, for as long as she can.

In her classes, she infuses inspiration and love through her sequencing flow, to nourish the connections within ourselves. Meghan’s hope is that you step off the mat feeling refreshed and balanced.


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