Nichole Bailey

Co-founder of Elements Yoga & Wellness

Nichole Bailey Yoga Instructor St Johns NewfoundlandNichole combines her skills to create a practice based on balancing yang and yin, active and passive – complimenting each other to create mobility and stability, strength and flexibility; energizing while relaxing the body and mind. Life is all about balance; there is a yang aspect and a yin aspect to life. Finding a balance between the two is Nichole’s approach to yoga – challenging yourself while allowing awareness to guide you, not pushing yourself too hard or giving up too easily – finding your edge and pausing to observe, enjoy and appreciate.

Nichole has been a yoga practitioner and meditator since 2009, receiving a 200 hr certification as a Yoga instructor through Sunshine Yoga Academy in 2011. She has an additional 50 hr yoga certification specializing in yin yoga through Semperviva, with internationally recognized instructor and author Bernie Clark, and 65 hr yoga certification specializing in Myofascial Release yin yoga with internationally recognized instructor and senior assistant to Yin Yoga Founder Paul Grilley, Jo Phee.

Nichole has completed Level I Aerial Yoga through Aircat Aerial Arts and has received a PFIC Certification in both Aerial Hoop/Lyra and Pole Fitness. She has also completed Module 1 of Prenatal Yoga Training through Mamata Yoga, and is currently working towards the second module. Nichole has a 40 hr mudra training program certificate and practices energy healing, having received Reiki Levels I, II, III and Reiki Master Certification which she incorporates in the practice.

Nichole wishes to share and impart the wisdom on the importance of proper body alignment, breath and its therapeutic value, meditation in action, creating positive change while learning much about the mind.

Rachel Blundon

Co-founder of Elements Yoga & Wellness

Rachel is a certified yoga teacher and the Co-Owner / Operator of Elements Yoga & Wellness Inc. Initially turning to yoga after an injury for its therapeutic applications, Rachel fell in love, and has been an avid yoga practitioner since 2011. She completed her 200hr teacher training through Wanderlust, under the guidance of Anusara teacher Ashleigh Sergeant and Prana VinyasaTM teacher Michelle Bouvier. The pair’s collaborative and stylistically different teachings have given her an appreciation for both traditional yoga alignment and for ideas informed by movement science.

Rachel views yoga alignment as a starting point for the exploration of movement and believes that variability is essential. She recognizes that as living beings we are each unique and in a constant state of change; therefore the idea of one “right” alignment is inherently flawed.  Rachel’s approach to yoga is to remain curious, to experiment with diversity of movement, and above all to invite a spirit of presence and play to the mat!

Rachel has a keen interest in the human body and is currently completing Thai Massage training through NavinaTM to expand this knowledge alongside the benefits of compassionate touch. She is also drawn to the power of music, is fascinated by therapeutic applications of sound and plans to explore training in this area in the near future. Rachel plays crystal singing bowls and regularly leads group sound meditations.





Kate Connors

Yoga Instructor Elements Yoga & Wellness

A Certified Yoga Teacher, Kate has completed her 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training with Shakti Yoga Studio (St. Johns’) and Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Satori Yoga (Fredericton). She is also certified as a YogaFit Instructor with YogaFit Canada. Kate has 17 years’ experience as a Fitness Instructor Specialist (FIS) (CanFit Pro certified). Her journey into yoga began in 2008 and she expresses great passion for balance of the mind, body and breath. Kate teaches Core Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Yoga for Kids and a variety of other fitness classes.





Justin Sellars

Yoga Instructor Elements Yoga & Wellness

Justin was introduced to yoga in 2014, and a love for the practice immediately started growing. In February and March 2018, he completed the 200 hour multi-style teacher training course at Kashish Yoga in Goa, India. These are the significant steps forward in the journey of healthy living and self awareness through movement. He has been active his whole life, with experience in team sports, martial arts, swimming, dancing, acting, and meditation. He has participated in over 100 yoga classes across Canada, England, Spain, India, and Japan, and pulls influence from many teaching styles. He is grateful to all teachers for inspiring him to deepen the practice and study of the yogic lifestyle. Justin is thrilled to have the opportunity to realize the dream of helping others through a creative exploration of movement and expression.





Emily Ferren

Yoga Instructor Elements Yoga & Wellness

Born and raised in Northern Ontario, Emily has called Newfoundland home for the last 5 years. She began her Yoga journey in the summer of 2007 when she signed up for her first 8 week yoga session. She absolutely feel in love with the practice and the sense of calm & peace it invoked.

In 2015 she decided she was ready to deepen her knowledge and began studying under Meranda Squires at The Lotus Centre. Completing her 200HR Hatha/Soma Yoga teacher training, she began teaching in the fall of 2016. Considering herself to be a very Yang person, always doing something, she took her first Yin class in 2015 and it became the perfect balance to her Yang life. In 2018 she completed a 16HR Yoga Nidra Teacher Training with Bobby Bessey at Shakti Yoga and travelled to Moncton to complete her 50HR Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with Stephanie Calhoun at Satori Yoga.

Emily’s balance of Yang and Yin aspects can be seen in her teaching styles which range from funky, challenging flows to super chilled out sessions. As a student first and a teacher second, she loves to experiment and try new things in both her own practice and teachings. She has a love for the outdoors and adventure, when she’s not on her mat expect to see her outdoors trying to spend more nights in her tent than her own house.


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