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Elements Yoga & Wellness
A space to unite a community of like minded people who share a common thread of self love – nurturing the mind, body and soul through movement and stillness, yoga and meditation; creating positive change through awareness, cultivating a more peaceful, energized yet relaxed state of being. Our goal is to make Yoga accessible to every person, of every age, in a safe and welcoming environment.

Mixed Flow (Karma Flow)

Mixed flow is a mixed level, moderately-paced flow class – seamlessly connecting movement to breath. Each class includes options for those seeking the challenge of intermediate poses and flows.


Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a slower practice that features long hold seated postures that allow connective tissues and joints to open, increase flexibility and alleviate mental tension. Focus on connecting and releasing through breath work, relaxing and restoring muscles.


Awaken and Recharge

A funky morning flow, which includes a shakin’ wake and a variety of standing and seated postures, designed to work all the muscles of the body, build strength, endurance and flexibility. Class concludes with recharging breath work and rejuvenating savasana.


Lunch Power Hour

Lunch Power Hour is an opportunity to break up the day with an energizing class, where the poses are held longer, challenging your focus, allowing the mind to settle into the body and out of the work place. Reset, reboot and refresh.


Aerial Yoga Beginner/Advanced

Aerial Beginner/Advanced (progressive series) is a fun fusion of yoga and aerial arts. It combines the support of suspended fabric (hammock) with classic yoga postures to create a unique practice that is challenging yet still accessible. Sequences include upper body and core conditioning, inversions, and restorative postures.


Core Yoga

Core Yoga is a combination of breath and movement to stimulate and strengthen the abdominals, support the spine, improve digestion and increase lung capacity while enhancing posture and balance. Cultivate and achieve internal focus and external power from the core of your being.


Yang Yin Yoga

Yang Yin Yoga begins with an active (yang) flow to engage the muscles, to energize the body combined and concluding with a passive yin practice to relax the muscles and open the joints – getting the best of both worlds, linking breath to movement and stillness, leaving feeling balanced, mind, body and soul.


Fiery Flow Yoga

A hatha yoga class incorporating heart openers, happy hips and everything in between with humour and a focus on healing and stoking that inner fire through our yoga practice.


Hip Hip Hooray

Hip hip hooray explores yoga and movement from a position of strength and engagement, alongside gentle stretching. Sensations of pain, tightness and stiffness are not always a symptom of tight hips, rather, they may be a result of weak hips – therefore, stretching is not always the only or best solution. Through creative use of props, changing the body’s relationship to gravity and including active variations of some of your favorite yoga poses and transitions, we create force (load) on the joints and tissues, with the intention of building support in those weak areas.


MFR Yin Yoga

MFR is an alternate treatment technique that treats skeletal muscle immobility and pain by contracting muscles; This releases the tension in the connective tissues that wrap, connect, and support the muscles. Relieve tightness, rehydrate the fascia connective tissues and create more mobility in the body.

We will combine MFR and Yin yoga, complimenting one another to relax and restore muscles, allowing connective tissues and joints to open. With the combination of your body weight and gravity, you are able to sink deeply within the layers of tissue to release tension, compression and scar tissue caused from unconscious posture, injury and surgery.


Aerial Yin Yoga

Low hammock. Long holds. Luxurious practice.

Longer held postures devoted to softening, nourishing, hydrating and restoring the deeper, denser connective tissue of the body – ligaments, tendons, bones, fascia.


Sound Meditation

Experience the soothing power of sound! Rachel will guide you through a relaxing, magical sound meditation using singing bowls. Releasing tension in the mind and body by quietly relaxing, replacing it with inner peace.

Allow the cosmic vibrations of seven crystal singing bowls to permeate every cell in your being; relax the body, clear the subconscious, calm the mind, and activate the body’s natural healing systems.



Traditional Yoga

Drop In $15

Intro $33

4 Class Pass $55

10 Class Pass $125


Aerial Yoga

All Levels

Drop In $20

4 Class Pass $70

10 Class Pass $165


Unlimited Yoga

All Passes Valid For 30 Days

Unlimited Live $50

Unlimited Live + Recorded $70

Aerial Monthly Live + Recorded $60



All Pricing HST Inclusive.

Live Worskhops & Series, Traditional and Aerial are Pre-Registered.

Class Passes may not be used for Special Events or Workshops; Monthly Memberships also exclude Workshops.

Unlimited monthly memberships auto renew monthly unless cancellation is requested by email 3 days prior to bill date.

All sales are final. Pre-registered classes, workshops or series cannot be refunded unless class is cancelled.

Please check email newsletters, or social media for up to date information regarding closures, cancellations or changes to the schedule.

Please arrive within 5-10 minutes before class; the zoom room will be locked once class begins.

Class passes expire 1 year from purchase date unless otherwise stated.

Going away? Memberships can be put on hold for up to 14 consecutive days. **Not applicable on $30 for 30 days introductory promotion.

All classes, traditional and aerial are performed at your own discretion.

Zoom codes change regularly, Please see below for current up to date codes to use for both classes and workshops

As per requirements made by the Chief Medical Officer of Health, Businesses are required to use the NLVaxVerify app to scan your QR code for all IN PERSON classes. Businesses and organizations are not allowed to keep a copy of your QR code or identification. They may keep a record that your QR code was previously verified, with your consent, so we don’t have to scan every single class, just your initial visit to confirm.

Please see Gov NL website for what forms of vaccination record/QR codes can be accepted.